Android Win8 Tiles colorful Homescreen

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Thats my Home screen.

Dont like themer that much as it feels like somehow its a mock UI, something about the themes feels distancing and less direct, maybe artificial, cant seem to quite put in to words but it doesnt feel like a proper launcher. And I have had enough of the basic adroid launcher look so I went for the Win 8 tiles style to mix things up.


Made it with:

-Launcher 8 pro (or free ), set to 6 tiles width, default is 4.

-Wallpaper is from the "Transistor" game, google image search.

-3 widgets on screen top to bottom:

SiMi clock on a 2x6 tile

BeyondPod transparent 1x6

Feedly (photo with green background) 2x6 tile

-Icon pack OffCOrner Round Paid version

- "Tinted status bar" module for Xposed for the yellow font in status bar.

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